I’ve decided to put all my current writings about software development team anti-patterns in one place. Namely a PDF. I expect it to grow and evolve.

A month ago this was a first public version so to speak. It has evolved since and now it contains some improvements and a whole new pattern. Which is a contribution from Chris Hedgate. In a short while there will be, at least, two more patterns.

Oh, I still appreciate all feedback I can get.

Get the latest version of  Software Development Team Anti-patterns.

About Ola Ellnestam

Agile Coach, Systems developer, Agile Practitioner and father of three.

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  1. Christian says:

    🙂 Keep it up, Ola! I really like the pictures!

  2. Ola Ellnestam says:

    Thank you! I will.

    I wonder what my old drawing teacher would say though? 😉

  3. […] development teams. I wrote it as a contribution to Ola Ellnestam’s under-development book on Software Development Team Anti-Patterns. I recommend taking a look at Ola’s book for more anti-patterns. I like the short and concise […]

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