This blog is maintained by Ola Ellnestam, Agile Coach, Systems developer, Agile Practitioner and father of three and married to his lovely wife Terese. It contains reflections and personal thoughts on programming, collaboration and whatever falls into the mind of the author.

Extended about:

Ola Ellnestam came in contact with Agile in the year 2000 after reading Extreme Programming Explained. At the time he didn’t know what kind of impact that particular book would have on him and the software industry. Fueled by many new thoughts he began his Agile journey which later led him to start a company specializing in XP and Scrum.

Ola Ellnestam

Ola Ellnestam

In 2005 Ola started Agical with three colleagues, one of Sweden’s most prominent Agile coaching companies of today. As an expert

in software developing skills such as TDD and Continuous Integration as well as more soft skills he coaches both developers and leaders while they are learning Agile practices and methods.

Today he is working with clients that are working with or would like to be working with Agile methods. This often puts him in situations where he has to defend, promote and question the values and practices behind Agile which he has become very familiar with. Ola is also one of the driving forces behind ‘Agile Sweden’, Sweden’s biggest Agile network.

You can contact Ola by emailing him at: Ola at Agical dot se.

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