I’ve been invited to speak at Turku Agile Day. No real instructions on what to speak about. No guidelines. While this can be very inspiring it also gives you a lot to go through. It took me well over a month to decide on the subject.

Sometime before Xmas I talked to a colleague and he said:

– Ola, why not talk about things outside of software projects and teams. You always say; No matter how effective you are, there is always something outside the team that bogs you down. Something that doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with software.

How right he … I was .. he is … We are!

This speech resulted in no less than five smaller parts. Which I have turned into blogs for your reading pleasure. They will all appear here in due time.


Part one – Why oh why?

Part two – Interaction with the outside world

Part three – Contract and Initial requirements

About Ola Ellnestam

Agile Coach, Systems developer, Agile Practitioner and father of three.

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