The conference started with a rather interesting speech by Pekka Himanen, Ph.d at the age of 20. He talks about software development and makes hilarious parallels with improvisational jazz. At times a bit dull but the overall performance made it an OK start.

The day goes by and I learn the concepts of open Space. Charlie Poole tells an eager crowd how to participate, listen and learn from others by attending Open Spaces. I attend a FishBowl. Yet another new interesting way of interacting with other people.

Imagine a fishbowl where the attendees ‘talks’ in the bowl and the spectators watches. Only if YOU have something to say. You jump into the bowl and another fish has to leave to make room for you.

About Ola Ellnestam

Agile Coach, Systems developer, Agile Practitioner and father of three.

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